The Man who could not be Prime Minister of India

Pranab Mukharjee missed chances to be PM and why is he important to Congress and India

There are only a handful of personalities who have exercised the foregrounds of great power and authority in the backdrop of Indian politics like Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Currently, Mr Mukherjee is the Finance Minister of the INC led UPA Government, and also is the leader of the ruling party in the 15th Lok Sabha. Mukherjee also heads a number of important committees comprising the Group of Ministers. He is also a senior member of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Parliament, Infrastructure, Political Affairs, Security, Prices,
Unique Identification Authority of India, and World Trade Organization.

Mukherjee’s ability to counter any hostile situation has helped him to earn the name of ‘crisis man’ in the spheres of Indian politics. Whenever there arouse a situation that needs dexterous handling, he was assigned with the task. Not only he is considered to be the face of the government, but also Mr Mukherjee is a key member in the Working Committee of the Indian National Congress. This organisation is the highest decision-making body of the Congress Party.

Mr Mukherejee’s shrewd and adept financial planning also helped him to earn a lot of awards of both national and international repute. The ‘Emerging Markets’ in the year of 2010 honored him with the prestigious award of “Finance Minister of the Year
for Asia”. His significant contributions into budget deficit reduction during the turbulent times also got acknowledged when ‘The Banker’ offered him the coveted status of “Finance Minister of the Year” in December 2010.

Mukherjee’s unfailing loyalty to the party and competence in many high profile ministerial posts have led him to be the most respected senior minister in the cabinet. But, all these effectiveness of being such a great political brain have not helped him to sit
on the coveted throne of the Indian Prime Minister. Rather, whenever the course of events appeared perfect for his accession, he has been eventually denied. The cause of such a decision may find its roots to the incident that occurred aftermath Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

Owing to a leadership dispute with Rajiv Gandhi in 1986, Pranab Mukherjee was expelled from Congress. This followed subsequently after he was denied with a cabinet minister’s post. It was during this period that he formed Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress. But, the issues of dispute was soon over in 1989, after both he and Rajiv entered into a settlement. The newly formed RSC got merged into INC, and Mukherjee was accepted into the party with a hearty welcome. But, this event was enough to render a blotch over his allegiance.

Also, as Mr Mukherjee is very much politically ambitious and is a dexterous strategist with his own thought process, he is not an ideal choice to be at the helm of the Government leaving no option to Ms Sonia Gandhi, the Congress supremo, to use him as a
puppet. Time and again, Mr Mukherjee has appeared to showcase a bold outlook in helping both the party and the Government in making formidable decisions. So, Congress also will never want to overburden him with added responsibilities. Rather, they are
quite content to have Mr Mukherjee to appear as the greatest troubleshooter whom the party can rely upon at any moment of turbulence and confusion.

But seeing the 2G note thing, Sonia’s health scare, Anna’s gate…. is the road been created for that coveted spot?

And do see the following blog (with Shah commision report)  for some interesting snippets on the ‘man who could have been PM’ (not verified)


The Republic Strikes Back, as These Romans are Crazy

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a period of anti-corruption civil war. Rebel Residential spaceships,
striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil
Galactic Roman Empire.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the
Empire’s ultimate weapon, the BABA-STAR, an armored space station with enough
power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Team ANNA races home aboard their
starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save US people and restore
freedom to the galaxy….

Hey George Lucas, sorry could not stop myself after the ‘what were they thinking moment of my government, and your historic opening crawl directly fit into it.  (Ramu, please no remake).

After today’s “what were they thinking”, moment is a great cases-study for political maneuvering. Things were moving quick and fast, and as one tweet said ‘it seems Anna and Congress were going for Fast 6 and Furious 6 movie part’. Sanity was thrown out
of the door, and unlike Bollywood movies one had the Delhi police taking action on their own.

The audacity of our honorable leaders to come in the TV and say the police acted on their own and it was not the center’s decision. OMG- we all are surely going to hell… it was like the thousands who were sacked from Jet, and the head of Jet did not know about. Tsk..Tsk, if the Astrix and Oblelix were present you know what would they say?

‘These Romans are Crazy”

Yes friends, countrymen and fellow Romans, it is the time of corruption and the night of corruption. We all are corrupt, and committed some level of corruption in our lives. This line of argument was also been used by anti-corruption (read ANNA) people in the TV, so say this bill will not root out corruption.

OK, so let me get something right… if that’s the case does it imply none of the bill plays a role, and Good Lord is guiding us towards the promised land. Who are they trying to fool, are we living in 1975?. Wait it does not mean I am insulting the intelligence of my fellow citizens of that time.

Its just our leaders are in motion of strategic paralysis in trying to use old strategies. Even the strategy of George.W.Bush (beta of Sr. Bush), of defaming opponent to a level he looses credibility. Pop Quiz : Who among you have credibility… and you don’t answer. The Janta answers?

It’s the issue damn it. I don’t care for Anna, but if Gillani can come and RANT in the capital city, great Arundhati Roy can speak about the Maoists openly (without sedition charges on either) , why stop a 74 year old man, fearing for this health. See the blunders our honorable foreign minister does. I hope he does not have Alzheimer or Dementia otherwise we may hear ‘Delhi belongs to Pakistan’.

Uff!!!!!! It’s the issue of Corruption, and see its importance below:

Our PM spoke the word ‘CORRUPTION’, 16 times in the Independence Day Speech. See the trend below on the usage of word – corruption on the same day previous years:
2007 – 3 times
2008 – 0 time (I was surprised but double checked)
2009 – 3 times
2010 – 1 time
2011 – 16 times

A CNN comment post claims to know who trained our PM. On the following statement by the honorable PM:
“I believe that there is no single big step which we can take to eradicate corruption. In fact, we will have to act
simultaneously on many fronts,”
Singh said.

Our observer commented:
“I believe that there is no single big step which we can take to eradicate corruption.”
Spoken like a true politician. The english has taught them very well.

Other notable (non Indian names) comments:

  • Indian politicians stop being corrupt only when they drop dead. Rajiv Gandhi, when Prime Minister, did a secret operation to see exactly how much government funds actually reach a designated project. Only 16%!!!. 84% went to the minister, the
    governor, the mayor, the quantity surveyors, the contract… more
  • The British legacy of divide and rule lived its life and is out dated, bureaucracy the catalyst of British democratic setup here is most corrupt. In totality the British setup   is total failure in last 60 plus years that was followed blindly by this country. More refined and clearly defined  american system blended with localized indian spices is the future course of action
  • Indians have but a facade of democracy left! In actual no matter which party in power, its 5 yrs of despotism for them every 5 yrs. Not that I support the chinese but sometimes I do wonder if they are better govt than us. I mean we have every
    ailment that they have (including the human rights violation, corruption etc)and more (terrorism) and we dont have economy and infrastructure like them.
  • BTW, the comments from KS and PC after the arrest were disgusting, ostentatious, arrogant, not to mention blatant and outright disgrace to the democratic spirit of the nation. I swear I could see the political filth dripping from both there
    faces when they took the press conference to explain anna’s arrest Democracy or Dummy-crazy!! One noble guy want to
    make things better, instead of having his words listened, he is now detained. Fiasco!!

So in this strategic paralysis that our grand old party finds itself now (wish Gandhi would have disbanded them then. Yes he really wanted to!) They would need to search a leader and by the looks of things quickly.

In the end I would like to say what I heard from one of the participants in the news channel. From SLAVE we have become SUBJECTS, but we still have not become CITIZENS!

So till then….than..tha…than..tha (star war music), go Team ANNA!!!! And other ANTI –CORRUPTION CRUSADERS.

DISCLAIMER: Sense of humor people read. Ranting of frustrated citizens. The images and story is for illustrative purpose, and i don’t own copy right of George Lucas or Astrix stuff 🙂

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