Why our Honorable Politicians are Jealous of Anna Kournikova? Game Theory Lessons Needed!

What a day!!! OK not afraid of this female Anna, but the geriatric male Anna…

The morning began with CNN international first headline been ANNA. With a dozy eye I got up   thinking it was about Anna Kournikova, or Anna Nicole Smith… Nopes it was our very own Anna Hazare.

Then I saw the morning headlines of different newspapers it was obvious the editors had a long night. The decision on the headlines could be something like, something which Perry White,in Superman or J. Jonah Jameson in Spiderman did on a day-to-day basis. The headline were:
Indian Express: Anna Arrests Government
Times of India: Govt Can’t Stop August Kranti
Headless UPA Chickens Out
Hindustan Times: Refusing to Leave Jail, Anna holds Government Hostage

The jury is out on who had the best headline but for me it was Indian express.

Anna and his team not only managed to outmaneuver lawyers and Ivy league ministers/advisors (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard etc.) of the government, he put forth a bigger question on the think-tank and planning system of the government of India.

Maybe like the CWG case in order to get things done quickly the Army should have been called in. (Thank GOD for its independent existence).  I shudder at the though if this is the depth of planning we have, then its just flip and flop based on ongoing sentiments. No BACK-UP plan nothing!

I would recommend a course of GAME –THEORY for our leaders. Look at the matrix below which could have been the plan of action recommended …

So there was only Plan A, with the light green boxes. With lawyers in decision making, the idea of precedence would have been taken. A model was set on Baba Ramdev line and they expected to follow it. While GoI could paint a saffron color to that, and public did not actually support Ramdev, the same was not seen in Anna case.

The ability of the public to organize is well known, and this needs to be understood as the major difference between the agitations of the emergency and the current one. During the emergency and independence struggle there was local ground leaders or important personalities, which is lacking in this case. The people now are able to organize themselves without the help of opposition leaders, and this is dangerous trend according to GoI, that there may be a foreign hand.

OK if that’s the line of argument then the Arab spring has a foreign hand everywhere. If there is a foreign hand name it… I wonder if Pakistan or China would do this, to see India a stronger less corrupt country. The spin doctors running show please understand there is a limit… you can fool a educated man but not a self-aware man, and what is going to happen more and more around the world is the people are becoming self-aware. Shouting on the TV channel and showing bathisis (32 teeth)  will not help.

In UK it was rioting by ruffians, but here it is educated enmase with family coming out. I agree we are all corrupt in some part, but to be honest who wants to pay a bribe?

Coming back to game theory I would advice our planners And please read the book –  Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis by Richards J. Heuer Jrit costing USD44/- in Amazon, this is the link:


In the movie Spiderman, there was this dialogue that with great power comes great responsibility, but our esteemed leader forgot that and bombarded Anna and his team with a barrage of insults and acquisition questioning – who is he, what is his credibility etc.

The only reason I can think for their reaction is how does a heard of cows (that is us), can be guided by someone who isn’t from these political c(r)lass or bloodline. That also without a BIRYANI, and saying he will fast.

It is a well known fact that to gather people for speeches and voting something is giving the victims spectators or voters. Biryani is the favorite and as we saw that Tamil Nadu polls recently how people took benefits from both sides and still voted by their choice. Arey Babu…Public sab janti hai.

For my PM, I want to give the following spell – Corruption-Nasham Leviosa!
OK now we need a magic wand now. One may argue no such thing exists… but I found one, displayed in the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm See the following link: http://gardenofthewitch.wordpress.com/category/witches/

Too many lawyers spoil the broth: On the argument that how can Anna can draft a bill as he is a non-parliamentarian, my answer is Jean Dreze a naturalized citizen of India from Belgium origin who assisted in writing about the food bill. If he can help then why not any other from the citizenry, and law works on precedence most time we have one now.

Where are my leaders? Where are the visionaries? Why does the PM need to speak a prepared note (was it faxed)? What we need today is a leader of the stature of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Chanakya together. Imagine if someone is of that breed, no one will mess with us.

RISE UP MY HONOURABLE LEADERS, MPs’, rise up against petty difference. In the end we all go to the same place… so let’s do something worthwhile before going there.

Good night now!

Disclaimer: I don’t know what to disclaimer, if the new IT bill is passed I will be jailed, and my Army Parents would be disappointed at the apathy.


Off With The Head!!! Impotent like Silence will lead to a Mushroom Cloud!!! Is anyone

Does the Establishment Need a Viagra to send those Soldiers Killers to meet with their promised VIRGINS?

When I woke in the morning before doing the normal chores I checked twitter, and was shocked to see tweet that spoke of two Indian jawans beheaded either by Pakistanis regular army or terrorist. The irony is this incident happened when the talks with Pakistani foreign minister Ms. Hira Rabbani Khar was finishing.

This is not the first time Indian army or security forces have been treated this way, and I doubt it will be the last with the impotent silence from the establishment. Just look at the list below:

  • 1999 Kargil: Six Indian soldiers (Lt Saurabh Kalia and six jawans) were severely mutilated bodies. They were tortured and even had eyes gouged, and private part removed by Pakistanis troops
  • 1999 Kargil: Ajay Ahuja, a pilot who ejected was shot at point blank range when he landed
  • 1999 Bangladesh: Eleven BSF jawans were killed by Bangadesh Rangers and we did not take any action (at-least announced ones)
  • 2000 LOC: Sepoy Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar of the 17 Maratha Light Infantry (MLI) was beheaded and seven of his colleagues killed by Ilyas Kashmiri and the head supposedly given to Pervez Musharraf Ilyas Kashmiri was rewarded then. Now he is dead due to US drone strike and may be has VIRGINS around him (pop quiz –what if the terrorist is gay?).
  • 2011 (not confirmed from blogs only): Two, 20 Kumaon regiment soldiers, Havildar Jaipal Singh Adhikari and Lance Naik Devender Singh and one from 19 Rajput (no names given) murdered – beheaded and dumped headless.

Beheading as a phenomenon is across many cultures throughout history. Japanese did this during World War 2 against prisoners of war, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Chechnya and many more by militants and jihadist have used this as a practice. And who can forget the Daniel Pearl incident, committed by peaceful men (sic). May be this is where the Pakistani army belongs then, a bunch of hooligans.

NO! They are not; the hooligans are the people in the establishment who are silent as our soldiers meet this fate. Even the media is crying on U.P. murders happening in Mayavati’s regime (Next year UP election coming so sponsored media spin on kya??????)

I wonder if we can shoot down a Pakistani air force plane, like Atlantique was shot down in 1999.

Some place in my country now, a mother is crying for her son, and a sister is calling for her brother. Is this what our soldiers deserve? Some official sources, we can’t announce it as it will hit morale. Great if the worlds largest democracy can’t take a hit on the chin who will. Yesterday 31 special operation men from US army (including 20 people who were involved in Osama operation), we killed. This is mostly been seen as a Taliban strike, and did the US government maintain silence.

This is not what we Indians have signed up for in this kind of democracy. Either there is an information overload or is it the whole establishment and system is corrupted at all places.

If you can spend USD 18 billion to hold CWG Delhi 2010 seven years after winning the bid. My question to the government is why it is taking ages to get Defense upgrade of air-craft, the 126 airlines or others to pass through. Do we need a nuke attack to wake up?

Wait…if we get nuked we won’t wake up. So that is the plan I think…. and let’s see what is there for dinner; Mushroom rice!!!!!

Article Referenced:

Disclaimer Beta
: Hope like Subramanyam Swamy I don’t receive a court order or the minorities ministry notice for hurting feeling. If Anudarita Roy can speak and Gelanni can speak in the nation capital… we are not allowed to speak by the liberally left communists. So for you OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!! (off with head statement because i am fan of Alice in the Wonderland)

Femme Fatale and Bare Legs Long Syndrome in India…the Hira Rabbani Khar Effect

Back in the mid 90’s (Feb. 1996) if Rebecca Marks (of Enron defame) had pulled out a spectacular stunner in bringing (some say) sex starved politician back to negotiating table to then save the Dhabol project in Maharashtra (guess who was in power then). She had the business acumen to negotiate and get a deal. She also had short skirts, bare long legs and high heels had many bureaucrats, politicians around the world tongue out gapping for more…and India media did go ga-ga-gu-gu then.

Fast forward 16 years…a whole new generation, but same story.

Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar touches down in New Delhi, and Indian media ga-ga-gu-gu- ten times over. It was appalling to hear a celebrity politician (from the 26/11 city) smiling gleefully cheek to cheek welcoming the beautiful blah… blah… blah… the beautiful …blah… blah. I wonder what his wife and daughter had to say that day.

A 34 four year old femme fatale, dressed for the occasion, like an Indian media reported  “her monotone outfit of a blue the colour of the season, tasteful accessories Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, stylish Hermes Birkin bag (worth more than US$ 9,000/- or US$ 15,000 etc – may be BIG FIGHT show can be put) and glass pearl jewelry added a glamour to her look”

Gosh, wish we had more politicians like her, then our people may do some serious business. OK so who is this lady?

Bullet Points around Hina Rabbani Khar


  • Hina Rabbani Khar (HRK) was born on 19th July 1977 in Multan, Pakistan
  • Ms Khar went to Lahore University of Management Sciences to do her graduation in Economics in 1999. She also did a M.Sc. from the University of Massachusetts in 2001. The World Economic Forum listed her name as young global leaders in 2008
  • Ms Khar is married to Feroz Gulzar, a noted Pakistani businessman and is a proud mother of 2 sons and a daughter
  • She also co-owns a posh and popular upscale restaurant, Polo Lounge in the Lahore Polo Grounds in Islamabad
  • Political tie through her father and uncle being the Ex Minister and Ex Governor and Chief Minister of Pakistani province of Punjab
  • In 2002, she became an elected member of the National Assembly for the first time with a Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-azam) [PML-Q] ticket
  • 2008 the PML-Q did not issue her a ticket, she changed her allegiance to PPP. In the election she had a clear sweep by winning with a margin of over 84,000 votes
  • Ms Khar had been the Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Statistics
  • She is also the first woman in the history of Pakistani politics to present a budget speech.
  • After handling the post of State Minister for Foreign Affairs for some time, Ms Khar was elevated to the Foreign Minister’s shoes in July 2011 as Shah Mehmood Qureshi resigned from the office

Why is she given this position – What’s may be the hidden agenda ?
It was on the onset of her designation as the Pakistani Foreign Minister that President Zardari had made it clear that Ms Khar’s appointment will “send positive signals about the soft image of Pakistan”. This was much needed as the illicit nexus of Pakistani politicians and military personnel with the Islamic terror outfits has b een proven. A stigma of being the chief patron for the Islamic terrorists and jihadists looms large over its image.

Today, Pakistan strives much to have the world’s confidence by shedding off the tag of being the epicentre of Islamic terrorism. And the country is in much need of a face to assert its lost image. As much of a country’s image generates through its Foreign Minister, Pakistan was in a dire need of appointing a fresh face who could epitomise the air of modernism. Hence, Ms Khar, an ardent fashionista who loves polo and trekking, has given the charge.

As she has touched down the Indian soil for taking on the peace talks further in between the arch-rivals India and Pakistan. The world eagerly waited to see how she takes it in her first major diplomatic outing….which she gave to the Kashmiri separatist’s elements.

But one thing is for sure, Ms Khar has definitely taken the Indian media at a sway with her calm and confident approach to things. According to the noted political commentators, Ms Khar’s youth and glamour will surely have an unprecedented advantage to open the lock gates and start afresh the peace dialogues between these India and Pakistan. And why not…66% of Indians and 75% of Pakistanis are below 35 years of age.

Old history may now matter now. But the K word still remains.

Will Hina Rabbani Khar be shrewd enough to successfully navigate the troubled waters of Indo-Pak relations? Will she be able to make a difference in this age-old saga of coldness and hatred between these two neighbouring countries? Or will she struggle to hold her own in high pressure diplomacy and eventually break down like her predecessors?

There are lots of answers to find…and how can India counter it…well Bollywood may have some answer (see funny tweets below)

For the FPUN of it: HRK is going to star with SRK with great KRK as villain, and the story is about KKR team playing for battle for K.

Fashion Link: http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com/photos/hina-bags-the-best-of-pricey-labels-1311931455-slideshow/

eX-effect: http://www.wateen.net/entertainment/features/6131-the-hina-rabbani-khar-effect-in-india.html

Official Website:http://www.mofa.gov.pk/mfa/pages/article.aspx?id=43&type=4

pHunny Tweets on HRK: (sorry could not add the source)

  • There’s only one way to counter Hina Rabbani Khar. India should appoint Emran Hashmi as foreign minister
  • Dear Pakistani friends pls take Sushma Swaraj and give us Hina Rabbani Khar!
  • We find out that Hina Rabbani Khar’s bag is from Janpath
  • Bagging the attention
  • Pakistans Weapon Of Mass Distraction

Now I am Talking: HRK and Late Richard Holbrooke (special adviser on Pakistan and Afghanistan)

HRK-Don’t forget K, RH- I know you are Khar, HRK – I meant the other K

Let us give her a chance, and once again go with an open mind for umpteen time. There are many issues to be resolved apart from K: Siachen, Sir Creak, water sharing, fishermen, 26/11, Samjhota express, PoW,  and…Shaksgam valley hand over to China (this I am adding) …etc.

But always remember US President Ronald Reagan dictum: Trust, But Verify

Disclaimer : I dont own any photo and taken from http://www.wateen.net/, and http://tvtuc.com/hina-rabbani-khar-sexy-pictures-scandal-hina-rabbani-hot-photo.html . Some points of this article for our funnybones…if we have them.