Its not a win, its the way one’s win! Pune have to reach CSK standard… wait make its own SIVAJI Standard

Pune has won… Dada has won. But wait! Last time also Pune won the first two game sand then everything went down form there. But that was last year and a memory.

In these two games the team is wining, and has been led from the front by S.G aka Dada. In the last game i felt that the combinationwas not right and some tweak is needed. I had expected Tamim and Ryder to open…. ok Ryder and Dada looks ok for now. Ryder can be dangerous when he gets his confidence and DADA gave him overs to ball to get his game going. For Dada one knock of 40+ in quick time will get his guns firing again for the tournament. This will happen.

The turning point of the game was the 19th over in PWI innigs which wnet for 25 runs…. something crazy that over. If Pakistani was bowling that over, some section would say spot fixing…. who knows?

Another news… Nehra came back, it’s a weak link in field and batting, but is able to bowl to some length. This will be tested against teams like CSK. So this weak link has to be tackled. And if Pune has to make an impact in the IPL5, then they have reach CSK standard.  One of the strengths  coming out from Pune Warrior side is the bowling. They have variety and not all guns have been used till now.  Mr Ice Man has been a revalation, and hope the becomes colder with time 🙂

The road is still long ahead…. but it may the IPL of the undergods – Dada and The Wall, both out to prove a point. RR is also making its own sweet story by defeating and crushing KKR comphrensively. KKR still not getting in the Bangla lion, at their own peril. Well… hope they learn that and introduce him. It will give them some spine which their captain seems missing. If there are 2 more defeats… there will be infighting in their camps reminescent of IPL2, and the multiple captain theory.

Har team mein ek gunda chaiye… correct, but team mein Captain bhi chaiye. and my fellow scorpion was …. Pstttt…. was caught smoking in a public place  check this like:!/kvpops/status/188985127668432897/photo/1 and the photo is   her. See how Mr Happy is may be trying to caution him that he is on TV. Public smoking is banned in India. May be for KKR management Stadium is personal home. Well if it was Eden garden then may be… but will someone take action. No need… SRK is god!

Till then…. SRK can only say… chalo paint karo!

And another observation, the CKS non owner our Mr Satyanas… was in TV for a moment, just a moment and the camera zoomed off like he had given instruction not to focus. I don’t know… I just speculate.

To Sum it up from a twitter account: No one can replace Dada even if he scores Zero in all 16 matches. Once a Gangulian always a Gangulian.

PWI Weakness: Complacency… got to tighten it…. Come on Warriors. Jai Maharashtra.

Disclaimer: All characters in this blog and article are fictionnous, and no harm is intended. Also  I don’t exist and I am terminal.


Dada – Showed why multiple captain theory of KKR Buchanan was stupid!!!!!

They said they were the underdogs….

They said he did not have chance….

All called for his retirement…

His home team did not pick him up!

Well they always said that…. but the Bengal Tiger showed his burning bright eyes what a CAPTAIN he is…. for PUNE WARRIORS.

Pune Warrior scoring a low 130 score, and it looked done and dusted. But Jadeja said if Mumbai is 24/3 like Pune, Ganguly will not let it go! And he was right.

Ganguly kept a slip on despite the low score and the second over Dinda gave a ball, which Raydu misjudged and it went to Karthik at first slip. Karthik did his best and took crucial wickets. The first one in the first over….

The field changes were great and worked out. Mumbai did fight back, but it was not enought. Steven Smith, Uthappa did good to bring some respect to Pune Warriors score…. AND Karthick gave a final impetus with a six and four which may have made a difference to the presure.

Now lets see how the players rally around Dada and Pune. This was Captain’s victory… how he called that the pitch would turn, how he picked up five spinners in his side and used four of them…. how he placed the field.

Those who played under him, those who watched him captain… knows that Sourav Ganguly aka Dada, will fight until the last breath. He has been a fighter and always will be. It is never about the money it’s about self-esteem! I hope SRK and other owners who did not pick him up last time understands that… think about IPL2 to remove him the theory of multiple captains came up. They said 20-20 did not need one captain. Question is….. how many time have you captained and played?????

Thank you Subroto Roy to have the courage to give the mantle to Dada. We the Dada followers will support your team no matter what. I do not know if we win or not. But I do know that Dada will make one last roar…. against the Non Believers!

Dada fans join these pages:!/punewarriorsindia.ipl!/groups/nodadanokkr2011/!/groups/dadas.soldiers/

Quit India Movement Redux – Angrezo Bharat Chodo! (But the opposite Happened!)

The British Raj Begins, as Mr. Murphy takes India down.

Two days before the Indian Independence Day, and One day before Pakistan’s, the British Raj begins again in 2011. How ironic 64 years after they left, they are now going to rule the Test ranking of the game they invented…and they not taken or snatched it from us, we have surrendered to them.

Before I go further let me introduce you to Mr. Murphy, who developed The Murphy Law which states that ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. This law is used a lot in aerospace lingo and engineers try work around this corollary albeit to a lesser degree of success.

Perhaps no other match in the recent history appeared to be so important to the Indian cricket team as the third test match. Being outplayed in the first two tests, the Indian team is currently brooding an uphill task to continue their reign in the longer version of the game… but alas the Lagan moment did not come. Did we miss a trick or we missed players like Bhuvan and Kachra in the team.

So let’s see how Murphy ’s Law has worked for team India(or should I say BCCI’s team) in this tour:

Pre Tour:
Have I made it large controversy – Do I need to say more, Mr. KF!
Injuries to Sehwag meant an opener short.

First and Second Test:
Bonked out as the team could not get the act together as big moments were not snatched.
DRS system…wait, Dysfunctional DRS system – No LBW comes to haunt India.

  • Imagine if DRS was not taken then Dhoni would have got KP out in the first game and then wala-wala (B.C.C.I should have refused DRS in the first place)
  • If complete DRS taken then LBW decision would have come in favour of India (B.C.C.I should have taken the DRS)
  • In short – If I do damn or if I don’t damn! Beech-wali haal hogayi. B.C.C.I tussi great ho!
  • In the second game we lost our other opener in a Ghambir fashion, and the other-other-other opener lasted less the Boycott’s mother calling him for tea.

Commentary Masla (Issue): As soon as Gavastri (Gavaskar and Shastri), spoke about how DRS system does not work and Shastri went one-on-one with Nasir Hussein on it… we get to know both are on a payroll of B.C.C.I, Rs. 4.5 Crores each (USD 1 Million) . WoW!!!

  • A food for thought – Ravi Shastri is in a committee which approved DRS, and yet he speaks against it… something not right. What was his voting patern?
  • Now the Brits had our commentators on the back-foot or was it disgruntled Indian who leaked out a message

Ghanta Issue: To Bell or not to Bell the spirit of the cricket issue, here also damn if we do, damn if you don’t. British media spoke of Tendulkar at the deciding factor and not Dhoni! The Old Divide and Rule thingy!

Tour Game: A much awaited answer to the queries regarding Zaheer Khan’s fitness soon came out in the practice game against some Northing team. Right from delivering the opening ball, he never looked to be comfortable. His run-up was shortened and he was not also bending his back up to the fullest level. Just after completing his 3 overs, he walked off the field with the team physio, holding his hamstring… and this some Northing team took the Indian bowlers for CHAI-BISCUIT as they went to tea at the day 2 at a score of 198 for no loss. The alarm bell had rung!!!!

Third Test: The butcher of Nazafgarh, as Sehwag our DEV-ASTRA, was all set to be introduced for the first time in the series through this match… for which he travelled more than 4000 miles to get a king pair or did a mini Agarkar. I still remember in the 90’s when Navjot Siddhu was pulled in as an emergency to Australia…guess what happened…a duck

  • When India was bowling it was looking an Indian pitch, and when we were batting it was looking as India pitch – (Nagpur one of Australia series which dada did not captain but Dravid did, this was before honorable Pawar came to power, and a green top was given to Aussies by ground staff)

But for me the game –set-match was done in West-Indies when we did not chase down the runs. Imagine the IPL members did not have the courage to go and fight. A defensive attitude, if we would have won that, then there could be a chance of winning the last game and holding on to the 1st position.

Read about Dhoni’s condom moment part II here –

Its been two years since dada was made to retire, but they still could not finalize that spot for a player. Its been a musical chairs. I dread to think two years down the line…No Dravid – VVS and Sachin!!!!

So what’s next. I fully agree to Cricket Fauj statement…LETS BUILD A SEPARATE TEST TEAM – Sehwag, Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Pujara, Badrinath, Dhoni, Harbajan, Praveen Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Amit Mishra, Couple of other fast bowlers.

From Face-Tweet Land: (I remember when people made dada jokes like this…how times have changed)
What do u call eleven man watching fireworks? ? Indian Cricket Team 😀
Even English players dnt want to miss EPL action so they’re taking wickets quickly !!
India leads Cook by 174 runs. He needs to bat again! 😉 Target 175 for Cook.
Edgbaston Test: Ishant, sreesanth, mishra completed their hundreds.. PK in nervous 90’s…!
300 seems to be a jinxed score, even cook could not get it, not just India 😛
My mum plays d rising ball better than Raina.–Si r Geoffrey Boycott.
Vaseline on dravid’s bat this time:-P
Indian batsmen are like faithful husbands.. … they perform only at home……


Disclaimer: All in the pun of it of a disgrunted Indian Pankha. But remember after the 1983 victory we lost West Indies series in India. So nothing to worry… the preparation and planning was not done, but it can be amended. India is going to win the next test match.