Lets FLIP…… Big-Kohl does a flippler

What does Rani Mukerjee, Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor have in common. They all flipped on screen. And now we see the same on the cricket field.

It has happened. Monty was attacked he reacted….Symonds was attacked he reacted…. Inzaman was attacked he reacted. And our own dear Virat Kohli was attacked he reacted.

But the real story is our Big Kohl was promoting the movie Players. The movie is releasing this week, and with the various kind of promotion going on this was a unique way to reach out to the world. The Australia release date has not been set though. Till then lets all slip a flip.

My Personal View: Grow up, as a public figure and sportsperson take it inside and grow. Think those people who are taking shit is only because they have frustrated sex lives or this is how their mothers have taught them. Keep your cool, a talent like your can help us. Fight in the second inning….fight!!!!!

How to avoid a 3 day defeat – Operation Fevicol and use of BOBBB

In a surprising development today morning 10.00 AM IST, the Indian selectors have given call for two batsman to join the Indian team. These batsman, both 34 years of age and openers have been called in to assist in the new operation – Operation Fevicol. The objective of the operation is stick on the crease, and just stick….keep sticking and eat up balls.

The batsman names  – Akash Chopra  and Shiv Sundar Das.

Their strike rates are among the best in terms of occupying the crease, for Chopu its 34.6, and for Sunder its 38.9. It has been agreed that bringing them in will not avoid defeat, but it is better then losing under three days and take the test to the 5th day.  The Fevicol to be used is the special opener version, and approved by Jhamsi Baand himself.

Till then the bowlers may do some Jadoo (not the Dhoop wala) and a victory can happen. Victory by frustrating the opposition.  And to increase team motivation, instead of yoga everyone has been given a Captain Harddock dictionary of gallis – with BOBBB (billion of blistering blue barnacles) is the team favorite . Others are – Baboons, Blackamoor, Filibuster, Nanny Goat, Rapscallion, Slubberdegullions, Whippersnapper, Zapotecs.

And on other news, they have sent out SOS to Sunny Gavaskar to pad up. India still does not have a test opener of Mackmyra quality like him.  (I am talking of classical nature and non-batsman friendly pitch).

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Night-watchman – Jagte Raho – To Do or Not to Do

Did India not get the lead in the third day due to Night-Watchman? Was one end of wicket held up and runs dried up?

BBC sports mentions; the night-watchman is a bowler who has a decent-defensive technique. So our Sharma-ji defense is sound. Let us see… In 41 matches he has faced 1303 balls till now, at strike rate of 29.39. This is almost similar to his first class stats.  An argument been given that the night-watchman should be not only have decent defensive technique but also have an ability to make runs or rotate the strike.

Some records of night-watchman (who were bowlers)

  • 1962: Pakistani Nasim-ul-Ghani is the first night-watchman to hit a ton, scoring 101 against England at Lord’s in 1962.
  • 1977: Australia’s Tony Mann was the second when he scored 108 against India at Perth in 1977.
  • 2006: Australia’s Jason Gillespie joined the exclusive group when he notched his maiden Test century (201*) against Bangladesh in Chittagong (which ironically was his last test match for his country)
  • 1999: England fast bowler Alex Tudor almost reached three figures against New Zealand in 1999, getting out at 99
  • Others : Syed Kirmani, Mark Boucher

But is using a night watch-man, a good idea? According to a study done it is not

Teams Using Night-watchman:
Wkts Scored   Higher than Expected Scored   Lower than Expected
1 12 22
2 5 33
3 12 23
Totals 29 78

Six other cases were too close to call. The graphical representation for the study:

The study proves that the night-watchman tactic is a failure. The rate of failure is twice more than a success.

So maybe next time we do not send in a night watchman or send someone like Ashwin up the order. An old anecdote when West-Indies was playing against Australia (I think), to protect Brian Lara, a night-watchman was sent. He got out, then another was sent he also got out. Finally Lara came out and survived the day.

Tomorrows game…wow going to wake up in 4 hours now…and see if we can break a taboo. And Dada, great insights 🙂

And I could not help sharing the following photo. Our own MMS, doing a night-watchman role for our young Prince 😉 (No pun intended Mr. Kapil S)


Much HAIR-DO About Nothing

I woke up today morning at 4.55, no flight to catch, no scary nightmare and no exams (whoof). The eye auto-opened like the old days, it was the 1st day of the Boxing Day match. Fact is I was looking forward to this game much more then the world cup final (something happened that day which killed my soul… but that story is for another day).

Coming back to boxing day….the first thing I did was checked Twitter, and man or man, whole bunch of janta was alive and kicking. And then I saw the first scene… ZAKS was back and the first thing came to my mind WTF. What the hell happened to his hair…. One tweets shouted out it Uday Chopra running (Uday who?). Well at-least the hair on the head not like… ahem – Anil Kapoor ji, the original Jhakas! Someone even suggested it looked like Ranjikanth – Sivaji the boss hairstyle. Ohhh….

It not the first time Zaks experimented with his hairstyle, see some of the images below.

Some tweets were also putting bets on who will break down fast –SharmaJI or Zaks. Hope they don’t, otherwise it will return of the SHREEASHANTI (hey did you all see the video in which Dhoni calls for SHREEASHANTI girlfriend. Well if not check my FB page link here for the video http://on.fb.me/rQoxH3

The bowler who stood out for me was Umesh Yadav. I think it won’t be far when India will be shouting, ‘Hamera Yadav Kaise Ho….Umesh Yadav Jaise Ho’. He got the break-through just about twitter janta (and myself) was going to his the bunk again. Just before the wicket I tweeted back to a another tweeter… why no kolawicket, why no kolawicket di, and she gave me back a smiley (would have preferred the wink)

And then India did it again, a debutant and a struggler came with a century stand. I don’t mind the debutant moving ahead, but punter… we should have got him. No Mercy for him!!!!

We should have got the last four wickets. There was defensive field positioning for Siddle also like he is a riddle. Maybe Dhoni has something up is sleeve, like the bowlers bursting tomorrow and making all out for 299. Lets see.

India on the whole performed good as normally we are bad starters, especially on foreign tours. Fingers crossed as in England we did not even start 😦 , hope it does not happen here DRS or no DRS. In fact I think either we accept DRS as a test playing nation, or no test playing nation goes along with it. What goes around comes and there are 19 days of game still left in the series.

The game is like a boxing match, the first round was over today and both teams looked tentative and defensive. It was much ado about nothing for now. But, why do I get a feeling that tomorrow the wicket will quicken and start bouncing more!

Chalo…goodnight Bombers!!!  Sehwag show tomorrow. Hope it begins by 7 am 🙂

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