Tendulkar RUNOUT- but he was and he did.

I dont know where to go now… I am sick and I am tired. There is frustration. SRT let a Lanka batsman go for the spirit of the game, but forgot how Suraj (the other) Randiv did a no-ball (A BIGGGG one), to stop Sehwag century, or the lie Sangakara did at the toss…. facial recoginition technolgoy for lies should be used it would have been known he was lying.

And and this happens below:

6.6 Lee to Gambhir, this is going to get very nasty. Tendulkar is run out, but Lee was in his way as he ran through. Back of a length outside off stump, Gambhir drops it to point and Tendulkar responds for a single. Lee ran across the pitch towards the ball, and then stopped to observe as Warner ran in from point and under-armed it. Lee needn’t have been there, but he was. And he wasn’t there intentionally to block Tendulkar, but he did. Tendulkar threw his arms up in frustration the moment the ball hit the stumps, but that’s out by the laws of the game. He was not even in the frame. Every innings, we have a bone of contention! 35/2 ” (From CRICINFO)

Cricket is no-longer a gentleman game…. Hussey handling the ball and surviving. He could have dived, but tried to stop the ball.

Take out your GLOVES now and fight FIRE WITH FIRE… and no more this stupid PROMOTION OF AGENEEPATH SERIES.


Lets FLIP…… Big-Kohl does a flippler

What does Rani Mukerjee, Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor have in common. They all flipped on screen. And now we see the same on the cricket field.

It has happened. Monty was attacked he reacted….Symonds was attacked he reacted…. Inzaman was attacked he reacted. And our own dear Virat Kohli was attacked he reacted.

But the real story is our Big Kohl was promoting the movie Players. The movie is releasing this week, and with the various kind of promotion going on this was a unique way to reach out to the world. The Australia release date has not been set though. Till then lets all slip a flip.

My Personal View: Grow up, as a public figure and sportsperson take it inside and grow. Think those people who are taking shit is only because they have frustrated sex lives or this is how their mothers have taught them. Keep your cool, a talent like your can help us. Fight in the second inning….fight!!!!!

What the F%$# Happened? The Sydney Massacre: Why this Kolaveri DI?

Blistereing blundering bird-brain, Colocynths, Gobbledgook, Fancy-dress freebooter, Miserable molecule of mildew… ok.. wait. Oh Yes!
Pithecanthropus, Tin hatted tyrants, Weevils and one BIG F$%%#ing Thundering typhoons!!!

What the F happened… I cant take this any more. Our famed batting lineup and now our ill-famed bowling line up going to join them. Why…why…why? The land of myth and mythology I thought we have the Krishna, Rams , Bheshama, Arjun etc etc. Arey yaar kuch toh bolo field, do some noise. Some positive aggressive body language. This morning Ponting has reached his century after two years and looks Clarke is going for double daddy. We have been silenced. Only if our batsman rise to the occassion now on second inning and batt till end of day 5 we can be saved.

It looks like Indian team is now hitting Darwins end of evolution road and we need to start again. Pujara, Sharma, Raina and Kohli… PLEASE STAND UP! PLEASE STAND UP! And same rule apply for Ishant Sharma, Yadav and any new bowlers now.

It looks like all of them have their heart broken by the (kolaveri) girl… and don’t want to talk about it. Why not trying singing this song on the pitch… experiment, see what happens. What the hell happened to men… I know days of Shaun Connery is gone, but MAN… be a man, stand up and fight. Eye of the tiger. India needs now a physcholigist, motivation speakers, yoga guru, Captain Haddock galiis… and much more to come out of this shell shock. I wonder how Big Kolh is feeling. I hope he matures more and undertands that abusive words should be used at country with weak bowling or batting line up.

And before I close, can someone tell me WTF%$# here below: Its been a crazy morning. Now off to office.

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How to avoid a 3 day defeat – Operation Fevicol and use of BOBBB

In a surprising development today morning 10.00 AM IST, the Indian selectors have given call for two batsman to join the Indian team. These batsman, both 34 years of age and openers have been called in to assist in the new operation – Operation Fevicol. The objective of the operation is stick on the crease, and just stick….keep sticking and eat up balls.

The batsman names  – Akash Chopra  and Shiv Sundar Das.

Their strike rates are among the best in terms of occupying the crease, for Chopu its 34.6, and for Sunder its 38.9. It has been agreed that bringing them in will not avoid defeat, but it is better then losing under three days and take the test to the 5th day.  The Fevicol to be used is the special opener version, and approved by Jhamsi Baand himself.

Till then the bowlers may do some Jadoo (not the Dhoop wala) and a victory can happen. Victory by frustrating the opposition.  And to increase team motivation, instead of yoga everyone has been given a Captain Harddock dictionary of gallis – with BOBBB (billion of blistering blue barnacles) is the team favorite . Others are – Baboons, Blackamoor, Filibuster, Nanny Goat, Rapscallion, Slubberdegullions, Whippersnapper, Zapotecs.

And on other news, they have sent out SOS to Sunny Gavaskar to pad up. India still does not have a test opener of Mackmyra quality like him.  (I am talking of classical nature and non-batsman friendly pitch).

About my Book Baramulla Bomber:
Science Fiction Geopolitical Espionage Thriller.
Quantum Physics meets Ancient Vedas in background of Kashmir and Cricket