22,000 people are the reason the Delhi state government exists! or

Sheila aunty says “all I want to say that I don’t care about you!” Why ‘WE’ don’t matter?

Disclaimer 1: I voted for Congress (facepalm, hiding my face)

Summary: A party with 2 seats and 22,000 people who did not vote has a role in Congress victory in Delhi…not ME!

Who are we?

SEC A public, which means above average income, educated with college degrees, have pukka houses, live in the city and social media friendly.


We are the ones who don’t vote, and we do not matter to Congress. And the BJP and even the (who knows who) new party AAP – Aam Admi Party.

How did we reach this stage? Why you we want to protest against GoI? What actually happened two weeks back that hit us so hard. The answer is it could have been one of us, our sister, mother, wife, girl-friend and friend.  Well we all know that!

I broke down 6.30 am on Saturday morning when I heard the news of her death on Twitter. It cut us in the heart as it could have been avoided.  The worst was the news that the bus could be located from a hafta diary. The diary knew which bus piled on which route. The Indian police is a formation from British Raj, and the role was to follow order of the Raj. Which means whatever the police may be doing is at the behest of the current (Italian) Raj. Their order may be, “make sure you hit them hard, hit them so hard that these middle class people go back to their home and their daily grind.” But some people feel – how it is the fault of the politicians? You are right it the fault of “WE”!

Now the question which rises is why the current government in Delhi does not the electorate seriously. Well look at the following analysis of 2008 Delhi assembly elections.

  • Total seats – 70
    • Congress with 40% vote won 43 seats
    • BJP with 36% vote won 23 seats (4% difference in vote share, but also close to 45% difference in seats)
    • BSP with 14% vote won 2 seats (only two seats)
    • Others with 10% vote won 2 seats
    • Total Delhi Polling percentage: 58%


  • BSP was the game changer with 15% vote share
    • It ensure anti-congress vote was not consolidated
    • With FDI show in recent period, WE should not be surprised that a alliance or tacit working will be involved between the two parties
  • Who are the 42% who did not vote
    • Ans: Mostly is the “WE”
    • So if you are eligible to vote, go out
    • And if you are eligible to vote, ensure that people in your family who are eligible go out in vote
    • Vote for the correct person (not a party)… and if person are same then vote for the party which can make a impact
    • Don’t waste your vote, as this the reason they don’t us seriously. If we vote for issues and force to vote only the correct person will these honorable non-We’s wake up.

Example: Vikaspuri: comprised of DMC-Ward No.47 (Urban) and Hastsal (CT) DMC-Ward No. 48 (Part) Bapraula, Raja Pur Khurd, Bakkar Wala, Tilang Pur Kotla and Shafi Pur Ranhola villages.

  • Poling percentage, 55.7%.
  • BJP candidate lost to congress candidate by mere – 943 votes (0.69% of total valid votes)
  • Which means one apartment block – 300 flats did not vote (assumption)
  • Other voters:  42095 (31%)
  • Winning candidate vote share 35%, which means 65% did not vote for him
  • Is this democracy? Yes it is. Even Hitler, was elected by the people and his party just won some 30% of the vote.

This mean democracy is about vote splits. And as long as any government thinks this way then it is “WE” are bound to loose.

THEEKHAIAnother interesting analysis on Most Honorable Sheila Dikshit:

  • She won by about 14,000 votes, polling 52% of the total votes polled
  • About 59,000 people did not vote in her constituency
  • In this 59,000 people – 27,000 women did not vote

My, my with Nirbay/Amanat/Damini tragedy I question these 59,000 non-voters now. And we should think what if the 59,000 had voted the other way what could have happened. (Same goes for men who did not vote)

Other low margin victories:

Below 4% of vote share difference was 19 regions, out of which 14 of them was for the Congress and 4 for the BJP. So lets look into the 14 now.

Guess what, the total difference in votes for these 14 seats are –21,943 votes only. Which means that if BJP would have polled 21,944 more votes; their seats would have been 37 and that of the Congress would be only 29.

So the current government of Delhi state has been formed due to some 22,000 Delhites not coming out and vote.

SHOCKED NA! So I was aslo.

What can BJP do?

  • Alliance (12 seats): Get in Nitish Kumar party in Delhi, and share seats with them
    Recommended seats: Sultan Pur Majra, Nangloi Jat, Mangol Puri, Matia Mahal, Ballimaran, Madipur, Najafgarh, Deoli, Badarpur, Kondli, Seemapuri, Seelam Pur
  • Tactical withdrawal and support (5 seats): Support to other parties like AAP
    Recommended seats: Sadar Bazar, Dwarka, Jangpura, R.K. Puram, Kalkaji/ Laxmi Nagar
  • Concentrated focus (53 seats): Participate with more focus and customized message. Announce candidates 6-9 months before election
  • Get women out to vote: 43% of women did not vote. If 1.1% of them more had voted with BJP in those 14 constituencies then BJP would be in power (get 40% men who did not vote out of their lazy seats also)

So as an Indian what can I do now. Well I appeal:

  • I appeal to Kiran Bedi with folded hands rise up… be the Inspector which led to the birth of Inspector Kalyani (Udaan serial) and train Delhi Police
  • I appeal to “WE” go out and vote
  • I appeal to all Indians (note not India, but people who believe in the concept of India) to vote for the right person for that period and not for a party
  • Appeal to AAP, please do not divide the anti-congress votes. Focus on the seats above and you will get support form other parties

Let’s search out these individual and vet them. Vet them before Mr. Sibal (or who ever is in control), to shut us down! But for Mahatma Gandhi social media was the WILL, and the WILL to keep walking.  Like I heard recently, Fear is never real, only danger is. Fear resides in our mind and we need to kill this fear with will power and move forward!

Only when we make our vote count and go out and vote it will make a difference and make any politician scarred, and force them to respect our opinions.

To know more details on how ‘WE’ can make the difference, please do comment and write back to me. Countdown to #Operation 545 had begun! And honestly, I don’t like Namo, but it does not mean I will not vote for him.

Summary: A party with 2 seats (15% votes share) and 22,000 people who did not vote in 14 areas had a role in Congress victory in Delhi…and ME also! I may be a mango man, but juice nikalna ata hai!

And Happy NEW YEAR!

Source: Various census and election sites.

Note: I dont own the copy right of the cartoon, but taken it from FB. Also i do not wish to harm the sentiments of any honourable and not so honourbale or “WE” people or any people. I withdraw my thinking (and statement), if anyone gets hurts.

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