Captain's Log - Day 1169: Ahoy are we there yet! Is Raat ki Subjha Nehi

Yes, are we there yet. Thats something people ask me and i am asking myself now.

The situation: I got publisher. A big one – Niyogi Books – Yayyyy!

The news: Been told it will release next year, hopefully early next year

The truth: Shrek’s Donkey keep asking me “are where there yet?”

My Answer: Thaam gadhedar Bheem Thaam! (Patience…patience)

No things are moving in steps. So this is the update from my side:
(A) Working on the website, and developing it as comphrehensive as i can. Do comment on the attached landing page sameple Bombers!
(B) Had a great time, made new friends and learnt new things from BWW (Bangalore Writer’s Workshop), and had second best teachers – Bhumika and Rheea (my biggest fav is still my phyisics teacher from school). BWW will help on the developing the writing of the webpages. Yahooo!
(C) Reworked and now need to reboot – Svastik Trilogy: Dwitya, The Consultant -Shopno Paradox

More on part two as i progress ahead. But things are staked against me.

And oh yes… i am going to home to Delhi and three weeks in the chilling weather.
Let the bombs begin.

PS: Do share your commnets on the landing page (dummy and and sample)

Captain’s Log – Day 1169: Ahoy are we there yet! Is Raat ki Subjha Nehi

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