Blueprint for an Army Takeover in India

Growing up as an army kid and hearing stories of valor and sacrifice makes my stomach churn at the thought that someone is accusing the Indian army of a military coup. I grew up in Africa and have seen a couple of coups. It takes two to tango, and in case of a military coup it take lots of coordinated effort to take over a country, no matter how small.

Based on various coups around the world and our neighbors Pakistan the following things need to be done to take over a country (one or two points will not decide but many had to done together):

  • Lot of planning and preparation
  • Top commanders to be loyal to you, not the current government
    • In case of India this involves Army, Air Force, Naval, BSF,CRPF and host of other divisions
    • Bring the loyal current government supporter to a minority or bullied down
    • Take care of the governors/ Chief Ministers across the states
    • Control  communication, airports and other sensitive areas
    • Do it quick, coordinated and at the same time across the nation

And now about the two units who moved in night of January 16-17:

  • Mechanized Infantry unit from Hisar in Haryana : Some 450 troops
  • A sizeable section of 50 Para Brigade from Agra : Lets say some 1000 troops

So does it mean it is expected that 1500 members will take over a country of over 1 billion. OK, if not the 1 billion people then some of the bullet points above. Come Mr G, let’s cut the chase. What were the instructions ;)?

The Army chief already in an earlier interview with The Week, spoke about the event:

He said the movement “would be used to malign and misrepresent what he described as routine army exercises”

And there is another report coming out which states that a honorable minister leaked the report for his benefit of a relative (son may be)

The only time democracy put down in India was during PM Indira Gandhi Emergency. Can people investigate the atrocities down at that time? Like I heard that in Gaya many students were dumped… now this is what I hear. Can our media investigate this… please the courage of journalism should investigate the whistle blowers been killed also.

This way a good way to divert attention from core issue – Tatra Scam, insider arms lobby and other nefarious people.

The concerned person who made this report… well check his view on Anna, and we all know how the people in the media was trying to paint a different picture on Anna moment.

See this report:

Another funny part that time a famous best seller author even wrote a article which was not in a positive light for Anna. The Indian public knows such articles are concocted especially after the Radia tapes controversy. What say Mr. G?

If this new report is malicious and intended to create division… well something should happen! I end with two words: Military Intelligence.

11 thoughts on “Blueprint for an Army Takeover in India

  1. I have a view, this specter of army coup has one solid aspect that is the community linked to radical organization is now getting promoted in army , lot of promotions and medals but then are they alone in this , they are not what if the som one in our government at the highest level , even higher than prime minister was to support them, it’s pretty simple, just take out the govt in Delhi, set up presidents rule and then dictate terms to people thru president. All sensible people know army is now widely spread and can’t take over the country but president cold have imposed a emergency lasting many my knowledge its been a narrow escape due to traffic jam otherwise it was going to happen.


  2. Vk Singh and our ex president may be relatives?did you think of that ? There was more than the eye can see? Get you theories right , check out community based agendas.


    • Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn sehtoming like this before. So nice to find someone with some unique ideas on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is sehtoming that is needed on the internet, somebody with slightly originality. helpful job for bringing sehtoming new to the web!


  3. Tomorrow is the day the so called radicals did something that was beyond imagination, like the coup they plotted, I know them well .


      • since you know the week you want to go I would try to find last minute titkecs they are normally cheaper. maybe talk to a travel agent for more info. I know my friends were planning a trip to mexico and last minute titkecs were much cheaper im not sure if its the same for egypt


      • that hamas won 10 seats compared to 16 for the PLO in an eoitceln held by a 5,000 member professional union in Gaza. While you or I might call Arafat, or Sharon terrorists or criminals, or both (I agree that both are both actually). The world does regard them as politicians, The militant wing of hamas, which I incorrectly called the Al-Aqsa infintada, is actually called the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassim Brigades’,as for you comments,”the world” is obsessed with the delusion that Hamas is actually amenable to negotiation.the same could be said about israel, both sides are fucking criminals- anyone who denies that for either side is just simply being blind. The difference is omne side recieves over 6 billion USD annually (illegally at that [hasnt signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty]), the other gets random cameo’s on cnn as terrorists, although both sides really are terrorists. the funny part is every israeli sympathsizer says the palestinians want to wipe israel off the face of the world, yet every palestinian ive ever met hgas never expressed that, they’ve only longed for ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’. back to the rest of your comments though.I like your little comment about universal healthcare, you might want healthcare too if your country had been occupied for ~100 years (not all .il’s fault), the area you lived in had aprox 80% unemployment rate, routinely the country that occupies your home sends forth settlers with military guard, restricts you from having any political activity in their country, shaves your womens head and brands you all with barcodes. Nevermind demolishes your house because your 2nd cousin got sick of it and attacked back. another funny part is that israel, for being the biggest democracy in the middle easy, has less rights for women than the now defunct iraq did, hell the even funnier part is, that since the 70’s and 80’s, iraq has had more laws to protect the rights of women, than the us does. But who cares after all, they are all just a bunch of suicide bombing women abusing crazies who couldnt possibly have any point beyond the will to kill jews.


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