Captain’s Log – Day 919: Tense time! Need investors.

Right now on day 919, and i have many rejections by now. Why am I not tensed… well i have a back up plan and a back up plan to that 🙂

Team Clark has two new partners. Two lovely ladies, who will help me out in the final proofreading and smoothing of the manuscript. Its 95300 words now, and flow in much much better than what i ever dream off. Thanks for various comments, criticism and feedback it has reached this stage.

One author , who book recently released also went through the manuscript and mentioned  that he is highly impressed by the research and things do fall into place in the end. However he advised some changes which i am taking into account and working on it…. some areas the tenses are not right and shifts present. So changing those few areas also.

A vendor has been selected to develop the website site and am spending close of Rs. 1 lakh on it. Yes its a lot, but am serious around the concept. The website will be interactive for both readers and new authors.

The biggest challenge now is the cover page. Am in touch with three different artists who will develop different concepts. Once done I will release it for getting feedback. Out of 4 options will select one final. The issue…funding. Too streched….any investors around 🙂

2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log – Day 919: Tense time! Need investors.

  1. Wish you all the best for this book project. I would like to proof-read the book as well. btw, whats the offer for investors 😉


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