Tendulkar RUNOUT- but he was and he did.

I dont know where to go now… I am sick and I am tired. There is frustration. SRT let a Lanka batsman go for the spirit of the game, but forgot how Suraj (the other) Randiv did a no-ball (A BIGGGG one), to stop Sehwag century, or the lie Sangakara did at the toss…. facial recoginition technolgoy for lies should be used it would have been known he was lying.

And and this happens below:

6.6 Lee to Gambhir, this is going to get very nasty. Tendulkar is run out, but Lee was in his way as he ran through. Back of a length outside off stump, Gambhir drops it to point and Tendulkar responds for a single. Lee ran across the pitch towards the ball, and then stopped to observe as Warner ran in from point and under-armed it. Lee needn’t have been there, but he was. And he wasn’t there intentionally to block Tendulkar, but he did. Tendulkar threw his arms up in frustration the moment the ball hit the stumps, but that’s out by the laws of the game. He was not even in the frame. Every innings, we have a bone of contention! 35/2 ” (From CRICINFO)

Cricket is no-longer a gentleman game…. Hussey handling the ball and surviving. He could have dived, but tried to stop the ball.

Take out your GLOVES now and fight FIRE WITH FIRE… and no more this stupid PROMOTION OF AGENEEPATH SERIES.


One thought on “Tendulkar RUNOUT- but he was and he did.

  1. it is funny that you have an “I want to retire” Ad showing on the same page. 😛
    Not a cricket lover but can only imagine the disappointment and rage.


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