Captain’s Log – Day 831: Two out of four publishing agencies contacted reading MS now

Its three days since the last post. Highlights:

  • Words down to 101,828 – that’s 10,518 words less from the original finished final draft (so-called)
  • Four publishers were mailed the synopsis and customized proposal: 1 rejection in 3 hours mentioning that it does not fit their publishing schedule, 2 of them requested for the completed manuscript in a day and 1 still awaiting a mail back
  • 6 other publishers format prepared to be sent out soon – to much busy… busy chal raha hai (update on that later)
  • Received feedback on my short – story on the short-fiction writing course attended. Some changes to be done there…. feedback was to short 😦 – either its good or its tooooo bad 🙂
  • Discussed/Mailed to a editor, who should do the final editing/proofreading. She is a author herself  and a great inspiration. Hope she keeps patience with me on my delays (her name later)

Today I will be going out to take to do a photo shoot for the book cover. Also details to the illustrators to be sent, and the final illustration will make the book look cracker jacker. Lot of things to close down. Wish I had help!!!

Logging off for now. Moving the bathing area now to get cleaned up…

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