Captain’s Bridge (Day 827): Publishers Ahoy… to do or not to do. Key to success is distribution?

The list has been prepared, 17 for now. There are thousands of publishers in India, but it is difficult to their details. No website, no contact address on the web and no submission process to know. Some publishers have pages on facebook pages, but no address info on them.

Hmmm…  end result many normal humans like me send to the usual suspects. One thing I learnt from my MBA (which I have done almost 10 years back), is that key is distribution. I would want to align with a publisher who has a strong distribution network. The bigges will have them, and the distribution agencies which have a publishing imprint will do a good job. I

n fact, the best seller “Immortals of Meluha” in the first year would not have done well or to put correctly picked up pace around India in the first few months, if distribution was not supported in a professional manner.

I will be sending to 9 agencies by tomorrow morning. So the game begins…

Word Count of MS: 102,583 which is 9% leaner from the final draft (so called final draft)
You Tube views of my teaser:  592
Facebook Fans: 280 (1 person who I trusted the most once left, heartbroken)
Twitter Followers: 96

Pssst…saw a move ‘The Fountain’ yesterday… 3 narratives different time period, but the music-romance and love mind numbing for me. Reccomended those with a ache in the heart (born in 70s or early 80’s)

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