Captain’s Bridge (Day 825): Script in a presentable state but got to make the road

After 825 days of writing, rewriting and more rewriting. My 6th full time draft (Baramulla Bomber) looks good. But based on feedback from certain selected readers, the words needs to be trimmed down to make the pace more.
Some comments are like:

  • Cut down the emotional moments, looks like a Bollywood movie – well blame it on Manmohan Desai 😉
  • Change first names in official discussion to surnames or titles
  • Why did you kill this character? I really liked him – he should be alive
  • To much science – I skipped through the mechanism part

So action taken:

  • From 112,000 words I have cut it down to 105,000. This includes the 1200 words from Appendix, which I will move to the website. The website will be interactive and more details in the days to follow
  • Next target to see if I can make it to 99,000 words. One publishing house hopefully will help me out there, and depending on them
  • Some streamlining of language for the science part

The left alone part – well I still have to do the hard-work of getting a publisher, no harm it will make me stronger. I still have control on the e-book, will be out by March 2012.

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