Dec 21, 2012 – Shiva Hypothesis and NASA secret knowledge

About my Book Baramulla Bomber:
Science Fiction Geopolitical Espionage Thriller.
Quantum Physics meets Ancient Vedas in background of Kashmir and Cricket

Happy New Year!!!

It’s a new year, it’s the first day. There will be many events and dates which will be important in the coming year, but one date stands out – December 21st 2012. Yes I know what you may be thinking, another blog post on end of the world or coming on the next cycle. But just think of this, if the tides of ocean are impacted by how close the distance of the moon is to the earth, than gravitational pull will play an important part.

On Dec 21st, 11:11 universal time there will be not only a syzygy i.e. alignment of three more planetary  bodies but an alignment of our Sun with the Galactic center. This center is the location of the super-massive black hole at the centre of rotation for the Milky Way galaxy. This alignment, or in a better word “Conjunction”, may have impact on us with natural elements like GRAVITY impacting the planet. In the same period, a rare Venus conjunction is also happening.

So will gravity play a role that day? Well I hope to live and see. My only prayer will be, that Shiva Hypothesis does not come into play that day.

What is Shiva Hypothesis?

Shiva as most of us know is the Vedic god of destruction, and NYU professor Michael Rampino gave this term, Shiva Hypothesis – a hypothesis dealing with ELE, Extinction Level Event, i.e. a event which will lead to extinction of living beings like the dinosaurs were wiped out earlier. The hypothesis gives an explanation to an apparent pattern in mass extinctions caused by impact events. Such extinction events occurred periodically, every 26 to 30 million years.

Read the part of abstract below:

“The Shiva Hypothesis, in which recurrent, cyclical mass extinctions of life on Earth result from impacts of comets or asteroids, provides a possible unification of important processes in astrophysics, planetary geology, and the history of life. Collisions with Earth-crossing asteroids and comets  a few km in diameter are calculated to produce widespread environmental disasters (dust clouds, wildfires), and occur with the proper frequency to account for the record of five major mass extinctions (from  108 Mt TNT impacts) and ~ 20 minor mass extinctions (from 107–108 Mt impacts) recorded in the past 540 million years. Recent studies of a number of extinctions show evidence of severe environmental disturbances and mass mortality consistent with the expected after-effects (dust clouds, wildfires) of catastrophic impacts”

See the bolded words – environmental disturbances seen… and what have we been seen in the last two to three years. The environmental disturbances are increasing, and weather is becoming more unpredictable. We may still have time for this to take place, but a partial ELE may happen, like the one which hit Indus Valley Civilization/ Mohenjo-Daro, 4000 years or 2000 year before Jesus was born.  The Indus Valley Civilization was wiped out in an event and disappeared from the map of the earth. (Another blog post will explore this part).

Is there a Shiva around to carry out this limited ELE. I don’t know… but we do have a capability to carry out the destruction. GOD for me means – (c) Generator Operator Destroyer. We humans can generate, operate and destroy life, so are we GOD. One thing is missing is (c) – CREATE life. We can produce life but a rise of new life?

The Mayans, ancient Indian texts, and other old civilization have mentioned that new era of heightened Consciousness after Dec 21 2012, period. Which means life will continue… but probably not of the life as we know it.

To end this blog- please watch this video on NASA mail to its employees on emergency preparation. Watch between “0.27 and 0.37” when the presenter mentions –“That NASA is not only responsible for safety of people on this Earth, but also OFF this Planet” Does it mean we are in communication with Alien Civilization?


And if the world ends, I would want to be with my loved ones and family around me before I meet my maker.

About my Book Baramulla Bomber: Science Fiction Geopolitical Espionage Thriller. Quantum Physics meets Ancient Vedas in background of Kashmir and Cricket.

Rampino, Michael R.; Haggerty, Bruce M. (1996). “The “Shiva Hypothesis”: Impacts, mass extinctions, and the galaxy”. Earth, Moon, and Planets 71 (3): 441–460. doi:10.1007/BF00117548.

OFF: physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment
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8 thoughts on “Dec 21, 2012 – Shiva Hypothesis and NASA secret knowledge

    • Hello Suyas,
      Thanks for the comment. The book will release early next year by Niyogi books. Thanks for the patience.
      Clark aka Suraj


  1. dear sir,
    i m lso a small physicist, as i was chckng my FB one fine day, ur book’s promo pooped up on my screen. as i read bout this fiction,. i couldnt resist togoogle it. but i could finnd evn a single stor in india frm where i can purchase it. kindly tel me from wher ecan i get dis book to read. i want it so badly dat i cant wait till may. please tell me where to buy this book?


    • vikramWishing you all a very happy Mahahivrati. God bless you all with lots and lots of happiness, your wieshs will be accomplished. Om Namah Shivaya.


      • 540 million years ago, at the end of the Precambrian era, the sunrecoptinent Pannotia broke up. Until that time all land life shared a single continent, and all marine life shared a single ocean. Then the sunrecoptinent split into the islands of Laurentia, Siberia and Baltica, with the main landmass, Gondwana, south of it. The Panthalassic Ocean started to radically change its shape and its currents.Calculate the impacts of THAT on biodiversity’ if you will!


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