White House: President Obama on Google+

The British won the world not because of man-power but due to superior technology and organization.

Well one can argue that Nazi’s had the superior technology (and more hidden dark technologies), and organization… and they lost. Well they ran short of raw-material / resources. No matter what technology or organization is used…. have the raw material to push ahead. Otherwise in a sustained battle the loosing side is the one who runs short of raw-materials.

So President Obama has started his campaign, with the world’s first interactive Presidential interview on Google + (Mark you missed this bus -P).  Good questions, straight answers… and down to Earth attitude. Wish our Indian politicians could learn something.

The best part for the interview is when a mother introduced her three kids. The look on their faces was wow… real charming 🙂

Some 250,000 people were loaded I think at the same time. Many may be international, but this is a new Channel to reach out to people and he has first mover advantage.

Go President Obama! Save planet Earth 🙂

Girl with a DRAGON Tatoo

I read the book, saw the Swedish movie and now the English one. The strength and depth of Elisabeth Slander character stands out.
I loved the Swedish version more then English version. Hollywood has relied more sexual violence and graphic sexual scenes. It falls flat… This was not needed. The investigation, suspense and Elisabeth ‘no nonsense’ character is the strength of the plot.
But it was good to watch her again. Wish the original was cast and not Rooney. And now Rooney has the Oscar nomination.
Alas the movie is not going to release in India as the Director has not agreed to the cuts. Someday maybe in the Land of Kamasutra such movies will be allowed.

I have gone the SOPA way!!! Stop CENSORSHIP

Our honorable censorship minister will love this. If US passes SOPA, then its free for all in the world. It can be the internet as we know it.

Watch this : http://americancensorship.org/infographic.html

Corporate has removed a baby video (home-made), just because he was dancing on copyrighted song! Well KolaveriDi people can sue us!!!

http://player.vimeo.com/video/31100268?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen>

Born February 24, 1992, Feilding….and what a CATCH!!!!!!

Bevan Small, has become an instant star in a NZ Big Bash 20-20 game.
He came in as  a 12th man
The opponent partnership at 74 from 64 runs
The opposition score at 81/1

He jumped, flew and played his part in the best assist catch…… of cricket may be. Just watch video and feel amazed.

And yes he was born in Feilding – New Zealand and has two first class games only 🙂

What a catch!!!!