The Innocent Child

Hafeld Benedictine Monastery,
Germany October 31, 1896

I suppose every boy wants to help his country in some way or another, thought the septuagenarian Bishop as he walked out opening the bulky grey colored wooden door. He was seeing a young child dusting the gate of the Monastery.

The visiting Bishop from Berlin slowly walked towards the Monastery’s Father, who was standing on the garden observing the same child. The early morning wind was strong as the Bishop used both his hands to hold on to the violet colored zucchetto covering his bald head. The two men came side by side of each other and nodded gently in acknowledgment.

‘God’s little creation Joseph’

‘Yes my reverend, such innocence’

‘Every child should help one’s country and community in some way and that lovely child is a perfect example’, said the Bishop to the monastery father.

‘He is our new altar boy… seven years old only but what great enthusiasm’

‘Yes I know, Sister Gloria mentioned about him, as I came out to see you.’ said the beaming Bishop and continued, ‘In fact the child told her he wants to be Church father when he grow up.’

Both men gave a gentle laugh of appreciation. The Bishop extended his right hand towards the boy as his black-gold lined tunic cassock stretched from the ground. The Bishop called out to him gently, ‘Come here my child’.

The child looked towards them and smiled. Innocence was beaming out from his piercing blue eyes as he put his handkerchief into his tight grey colored shorts. He was shy and took a step back, but began walking towards the two elderly figures as arms were raised again to call him. As he came closer he looked up towards the monastery’s coat of arms above the semi-circular arch doorway. The dark brown haired child looked impressed by the Swastika sign embedded on the coat of arms, as it shone in the morning light.

He increased his pace as he neared the two men of God. As he reached close to the bishop he knelt down and kissed the robes, and did the same again without looking up to the monastery father. Then Father Joseph spoke as he blessed the knelling child ‘In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti’

All three then said, ‘Amen’. The three feet tall child rose slowly looking up at smiling Father Joseph now.

‘What is your name my child?’

‘Adolf Father… Adolf Hitler!’

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