The Man who could not be Prime Minister of India

Pranab Mukharjee missed chances to be PM and why is he important to Congress and India

There are only a handful of personalities who have exercised the foregrounds of great power and authority in the backdrop of Indian politics like Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Currently, Mr Mukherjee is the Finance Minister of the INC led UPA Government, and also is the leader of the ruling party in the 15th Lok Sabha. Mukherjee also heads a number of important committees comprising the Group of Ministers. He is also a senior member of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Parliament, Infrastructure, Political Affairs, Security, Prices,
Unique Identification Authority of India, and World Trade Organization.

Mukherjee’s ability to counter any hostile situation has helped him to earn the name of ‘crisis man’ in the spheres of Indian politics. Whenever there arouse a situation that needs dexterous handling, he was assigned with the task. Not only he is considered to be the face of the government, but also Mr Mukherjee is a key member in the Working Committee of the Indian National Congress. This organisation is the highest decision-making body of the Congress Party.

Mr Mukherejee’s shrewd and adept financial planning also helped him to earn a lot of awards of both national and international repute. The ‘Emerging Markets’ in the year of 2010 honored him with the prestigious award of “Finance Minister of the Year
for Asia”. His significant contributions into budget deficit reduction during the turbulent times also got acknowledged when ‘The Banker’ offered him the coveted status of “Finance Minister of the Year” in December 2010.

Mukherjee’s unfailing loyalty to the party and competence in many high profile ministerial posts have led him to be the most respected senior minister in the cabinet. But, all these effectiveness of being such a great political brain have not helped him to sit
on the coveted throne of the Indian Prime Minister. Rather, whenever the course of events appeared perfect for his accession, he has been eventually denied. The cause of such a decision may find its roots to the incident that occurred aftermath Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

Owing to a leadership dispute with Rajiv Gandhi in 1986, Pranab Mukherjee was expelled from Congress. This followed subsequently after he was denied with a cabinet minister’s post. It was during this period that he formed Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress. But, the issues of dispute was soon over in 1989, after both he and Rajiv entered into a settlement. The newly formed RSC got merged into INC, and Mukherjee was accepted into the party with a hearty welcome. But, this event was enough to render a blotch over his allegiance.

Also, as Mr Mukherjee is very much politically ambitious and is a dexterous strategist with his own thought process, he is not an ideal choice to be at the helm of the Government leaving no option to Ms Sonia Gandhi, the Congress supremo, to use him as a
puppet. Time and again, Mr Mukherjee has appeared to showcase a bold outlook in helping both the party and the Government in making formidable decisions. So, Congress also will never want to overburden him with added responsibilities. Rather, they are
quite content to have Mr Mukherjee to appear as the greatest troubleshooter whom the party can rely upon at any moment of turbulence and confusion.

But seeing the 2G note thing, Sonia’s health scare, Anna’s gate…. is the road been created for that coveted spot?

And do see the following blog (with Shah commision report)  for some interesting snippets on the ‘man who could have been PM’ (not verified)


Hallelujah, God is insured, but what about Act of GOD!

In this world of uncertainty, security comes at a price. Not only humans, but their deities too are not spared from this practice. And this involves in every religion. Generally, the amount that ‘secures’ a God depends upon his or her ‘popularity’ among the devotees. The length of a festival period and the conglomeration of devotees are also taken into account before considering the price. So, mortals know how to evaluate their Gods, huh?
As per a recently documented news, Mumbai’s Ganpati mandal, the GSB Seva Sadan, has insured the Ganesha celebrations that is starting on and from September 1 by more than a whooping amount of 50 crore of INR. This insurance will cover any hostilities to the ornaments that will be used to decorate the idol, the pandal itself, and also will cover the devotees who will visit the makeshift shrine. Last year the GSB Seva Sadan indemnify the festival with an amount of 49.5 crore of INR; a record that was all set to be broken this year. The tenure of the entire insurance will continue to be in effect until the immersion of the Ganesha idol.

Now, this is not the first instance that this type of practice is being observed. Lord Balaji’s ornaments in Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is insured by an astounding amount of 52,000 crore of INR. The Guruvayoor temple of Kerala is also learnt to pay an insurance premium close to 50 lakhs of INR. This covers anything and everything that is on its premises.

Even there are many other abodes of Gods that are valued with high insurance cover to be protected from terror attacks. While during such a disaster the mortals are more likely to surrender their safety to the Gods, their Saviours too are concerned in arranging their own security at a high priority basis.

After the terror hit Akshwardham Temple of Gujarat in 2002, many others like the Vaishnodevi temple in Jammu and Kashmir, the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, and Tirupathi Devasthanam in Andhra Pradesh have taken up insurance covers against any devastating terror attack.

Well, you have really mistaken it altogether if you take this trait to be very Hindu and Indian in nature. Rather, in case if we look beyond Hinduism then such instances are also not too hard to find. The modern English churches also go for the facilities of insurance coverage. However, unlike their Hindu counterparts, they do not enjoy the right to shoot the insurance amount as per their wish. Rather, they maintain a standard policy, which allows any church to claim £15,000 or £25,000 every year. This depends on the version of the policy as issued by the Ecclesiastical.

Faith insurance has also made a mark in safeguarding the worldwide mosques. Like any other prayer houses, the mosques too are storehouses of valuable arts and artifacts. Thefts and burglaries, therefore, are a common affair. To indemnify their properties, the Muslim clergies or the governing bodies also go for hefty coverage to cover up such a loss.

The same goes for gurdwaras, or synagogues, or the prayer houses of any other faith. This clearly states that just like in the line of their mortal devotees, the all-powerful and omnipotent Gods too, are nowadays seeking ways to safeguard their abodes.

But what about if an Act of God Strikes on us people who have basic insurance. Well see the movie “The Man Who Sued God”, and all hell will break loose. The 2001 Australian film, starred Billy Connolly and was directed by Mark Joffe is a satirical look into a situation where an was not paid due to the protagonist as the event which caused the damage was an act of god. So to settle matter he did what every normal man would not do… SUE THE LORD HIMSELF (or herself) !

As per wiki: in England and Wales, an act of God is a unforseeable natural phenomenon. Explained by Lord Hobhouse in Transco plc v Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council as describing events;
(i) which involve no human agency
(ii) which is not realistically possible to guard against
(iii) which is due directly and exclusively to natural causes and
(iv) which could not have been prevented by any amount of foresight, pains and care

But also recently Recently, human activities have been claimed to be the root causes of events until now considered natural disasters. In particular:

  •  Water pressure in dams releasing geological fault (earthquake in China)
  •  Geothermal injections of water provoking earthquakes (Zurich, Switzerland, 2003—currently on trial)
  •  Drilling provoking mud volcano (Java, ongoing)

Such events are possibly threatening the legal status of Acts of God and may establish liabilities where none existed until

But if an act of God hits god himself what will happen…scratch…scratch J . Amen!


Dhoni’s Condom Moment Part II

From the PAST:
Appropriately enough, two of the most formidable opponents have been chosen to compete on this glorious occasion: India and England. As per Ashis Nandy “Cricket is an Indian game accidentally discovered by the English”. So, no two other cricket playing nations would be as appropriate to bask on this glorious feat of test cricket as India and England. Now India as the new lion pretends to sit in the throne which the great West-Indies team, Aussie under Steve Waugh and Aussie under Pointing (with Warne
and McGrath) sat… wish it would be the case.
The game was set for at the Mecca of cricket, Lord’s and the 100th test match began with loud cheering during the toss. I wonder if Mr. Pawar, of ICC fame, thought the cheering meant things would go India’s way. Dhoni’s won the toss, but lost the match… but where did he loose it?
·    Was it when turbanator failed to make it large? …he did make it large – not-out in the first inning J (check Harodia ji facebook page)
·    When the WALL kept running out of masons (partners) in the first inning?
·    Losing Jhakas Zak to damage?
·    Having no answers to KP’s double?
·    Or Naju (a good friend code name) still two tests away?
Well…we lost it, when Dhoni’s had his second condom’s moment!!! Playing safe is a good option, but how can I boost to my grandkids that I was there when we part of a great team in the same bracket which were led by great like – Sobers, Lloyd , and Waugh.
Avoiding the second inning chase (last west-indies test) earlier in the month was the first moment of safety for Dhoni. To go for the draw and not chasing down the modest west-indies target, showcased a first symptom of a sub-type of disease – top-rank-topple-lycis, and the phobia ‘Medomalacuphobia’
But by not allowing Hercules (re)haired Lanky boy bowl after lunch, SMG was left scratching whatever hair left on his head, and Bhog Harsh thinking about more weaving costs which may come his way. My refresh button begged for Lanky boy to
come back…but he did not. Instead of him coming other came J, and it was our cappy’s second condom moment. Lanky was bowling like a swansong and it could have made a difference between chasing 300 and 400 +.
Hey he is human…so he needs rest, isn’t so?
But then our Jumbo – Kumble is super human, when he with his secret white bandage mask, tried to take down the
great Lara (not Larra Dutta for my new age friends, but the real Lara). A link for my Lanky hairy friend:
Next time please don’t say I am human. We want you all to be super-humans for us. We love you all, adore you and emotionally attached. Your victory is our victory and your loss is our loss.
I fell in love with such heroes before…but I fear I will loose them…the gladiators are dying.
I am sure that my team will bounce back to full steam and reverse this Medomalacuphobia attitude. Our cappy Dhoni, has bounced back and will come back with full force. The English men just you wait (wait…are the English…English enough. Ahem…South African, Irish, Indian, And Pakistani). Well they are taking tips from us then.
So Mr. KF, instead of challenging to make it large…why don’t we make a new one which rings –  ‘Ðo you want it to make it safe?
I wonder what Dada’ was thinking…while commenting with old foe the Hussein?… may be both should have taken a shirt removing completion J for the old times sake.
The 2000th test match did not end as a dull and boring draw, but I am sure this is the turning point for our Cappy. He should think to grow back his goldilocks, and I call upon cric info to make a analysis of run’s scored BH (Before goldilocks Hair) and AH (After
goldilocks Hair). Who knows it may have the power of Hercules in it.
Yes…Yes… Medomalacuphobia means fear of loosing an erection (not electionJ, as someone once told me), could not find a fear for ‘going over the over-rate’. (Wikipedia, are you listening)
Declaration: I have written the above article while sleeping and not in a state of mind of seriousness. It’s a joke on me…and others (apart from the 2G, 3G, and (future 4G)…adarash – mining… Baba ji ki jai things going around). But come on….we need to vent out some place. So come on….Yalgaar bolo…and let’s wallop the English in their own-backyard. Otherwise don’t fretter… Mansur Haider will be joining your squad next year. (Watch this space). In the age of T20 cricket when the obituaries of test cricket has already been drafted, and lo behold the 2000th match being played, between the old lion and the new lion expected to rank up the ticket counters, test appetite and thrill quotient, and it DID!