What If All We Knew Of Anna Movement Was Not True…or It Was A Time Machine Moment

Dr Who Is Back…and I am his new companion.

I just walked out off the Tardis (Dr Who) Time Machine… a time machine which took me back 21 years to the year 1989; I was in 9th standard and flattened by the movie ‘Main Azaad Hoon’.

The movie started Amitabh Bachchan and Shabana Azmi. The plot line as per wiki(and part me):

It’s about an opportunistic journalist who concocts a fictitious man “man of the masses” in a fictitious article to boost newspaper sales, but when the article gets huge response finds an unemployed man to sit in as him. The only problem now is that the man needs to stand what he spoke and be what he is thought to be. The only catch is that he promised he would jump of an incomplete building which was sign of corruption (not Adarsh) on 26th Jan.

Amitabh played a role of a lifetime for me, and it didn’t disappoint me a bit to know later that this movie was an adaption of much earlier Hollywood move – Meet John Doe (1941), where John Doe played by Gary Cooper. Only difference here is was John Doe promised to jump and kill himself on 25th December.

What happens to the two protagonist I will leave to the present generation to see and judge, but it begs me think – what if Anna right now is actually unknowing standing up or been used by some politician or businessman for their own needs. After all in the dog eat dog world today everyone needs their pound of flesh (inclusive of blood)

Can words move mountains? Can words move people?

See the following link –

John Doe’s Speech Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqpNI4232qg

And see the familiarity with the speeches done at Ram Lilla… rousing the nation of wimps (John Doe reference). The nation is known by how its small people behave and when all of us raise…it will be scene worth watching.

I hope I am wrong… but if I am right then… God give us the strength to prove these sponsors wrong. Our time has come and our time is now.

Disclaimer: I am member of India against corruptions, and march hand in hand with others on the issue. But we need to ensure that this is true…and the big thing… if it’s not true then make it TRUE, by turning the table!!!



5 thoughts on “What If All We Knew Of Anna Movement Was Not True…or It Was A Time Machine Moment

  1. Great post. I remember seeing Main Azad Hoon and it is one of the off-beat movies of Amitabh Bachchan. You have rightly pointed out the similarity between the movie and Anna(Not Kournovika ;-() campaign. Words are powerful ..Boyzone crooned “Words Words are all I have..” and took out heart away.

    We met at Indiblogger meet on Sat and it was pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to your Barmulla Bomber.


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