Today is the day I die, but also the day i live…as a new dawn begins!!!!!

Only in death we realize of all the things which we could have done…how we could have made a difference. A difference to oneself and to the world, today I have died to be born again. Reborn to take on a new identity, an identity which should have been taken years ago in this god forsaken planet. But probably I needed to feel the pain and understand the meaning of disappointments in order to be prepared. Prepared to face the uncertain future…a future in which I am ready to face my fear. And only when I experience fear in certain death, I will know what I am made off.

Making two wrongs will not make a right, and with the entire grey environment around us it’s difficult to distinguish anything which is right or wrong. The challenge is to take which path:

  • Throw away your future, but clear your conscience: In the movie Green Zone, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) vents out his anger by mailing the true story of Magellan and the lie of Iraq’s weapon of mass destruction, and probably throwing his future away in the US Army
  • Annihilate everyone when you have no will to live: When you have no reason to live then kill your adversaries who have caused pain like Detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) did in movie Edge of Darkness when they killed his only daughter
  • Escape the system in order to destroy it: Fight for oneself as you are all-alone and the only one to fight for you is you similar to Andrew Dufresne (Tim Robbins) in Shawshank Redemption

In the latest avatar of Robin Hood, there is this phrase ‘Rise and Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lion’…never give up and never surrender. Praying for a miracle will not work, but do pray as it gives inner strength. I believe faith helps us to rediscover our fate…and in God I trust. (Who is god? That’s another story.)

The strange thing about the life is that we do not KNOW when we are READY. Ready to stand up to become who we really are. And the whole life goes by while trying to find one’s place to fit in this universe. In our hearts we all want to be special and hope we are meant to do something big, and to do that we need to begin.

For a beginning we need an end, this is the end. Friends all this started when I heard the same words again but only this time I felt it’s for my benefit the message has come. The words… ‘I dare you to do better!

So it begins…